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C C++ C-Operators

Order of operands for logical operators

The order of operands of logical operators &&, || are important in C/C++. In mathematics, logical AND, OR, etc… operations are commutative. The result ...
C C-Operators C

Evaluation order of operands

Consider the below program. C #include<stdio.h> int x = 0;    int f1() {   x = 5;   return x; }    i...
C GFacts C-Functions

What is evaluation order of function parameters in C?

It is compiler dependent in C. It is never safe to depend on the order of evaluation of side effects. For example, a function call like below may very well behave dif...
Queue Recursion Stack

Level order traversal in spiral form

Write a function to print spiral order traversal of a tree. For below tree, function should print 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Recommended: Please solve it on “PRAC...
Tree cpp-unordered_map Inorder Traversal

Construct Tree from given Inorder and Preorder traversals

Let us consider the below traversals: Inorder sequence: D B E A F C Preorder sequence: A B D E C F Recommended: Please solve it on “PRACTICE” first, be...
Binary Search Tree Amazon Google

Find k-th smallest element in BST (Order Statistics in BST)

Given root of binary search tree and K as input, find K-th smallest element in BST. For example, in the following BST, if k = 3, then output should be 10, and if k =...
Tree Tree

Construct Special Binary Tree from given Inorder traversal

Given Inorder Traversal of a Special Binary Tree in which key of every node is greater than keys in left and right children, construct the Binary Tree and return root...
Binary Search Tree Stack Tree

Construct BST from given preorder traversal Set 2

Given preorder traversal of a binary search tree, construct the BST. For example, if the given traversal is {10, 5, 1, 7, 40, 50}, then the output should be root of f...
Tree Tree

Iterative Preorder Traversal

Given a Binary Tree, write an iterative function to print Preorder traversal of the given binary tree. Refer this for recursive preorder traversal of Binary Tree. To...
Tree Tree

Morris traversal for Preorder

Using Morris Traversal, we can traverse the tree without using stack and recursion. The algorithm for Preorder is almost similar to Morris traversal for Inorder. 1......

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