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Automatic Resource Management in Java try with resource statements

Java provides a feature to make the code more robust and to cut down the lines of code. This feature is known as Automatic Resource Management(ARM) using try-with-res...

Content Management Systems – An Overview

Are CMS worth your time? Find out in this article. Content Management System (or CMS) is a framework already designed by other programmers and coders on which you can...

SQL Trigger Book Management Database

Prerequisite – SQL Trigger | Student Database For example, given Library Book Management database schema with Student database schema. In these databases, if a...

Database Management System Aggregate functions in SQL

In database management an aggregate function is a function where the values of multiple rows are grouped together as input on certain criteria to form a single value ...
Computer Networks GATE CS Computer Networks

Computer Network Simple network management protocol (SNMP)

If an organization has 1000 of devices then to check all devices, one by one everyday, are working properly or not is a hectic task. To ease these up, Simple Network ...
DBMS CBSE - Class 11 DBMS Basics

Database Management System – Introduction Set 1Database Management System – Introduction Set 2All DBMS ArticlesDBMS Quizzes

Important Terminology Database: Database is a collection of inter-related data which helps in efficient retrieval, insertion and deletion of data from database a...

Database Management System Introduction Set 2 (3-Tier Architecture)All DBMS ArticlesDBMS Quizzes

Database Management System – Introduction | Set 1 DBMS 3-tier Architecture DBMS 3-tier architecture divides the complete system into three inter-related but in...

Database Management System ER Model

ER Model is used to model the logical view of the system from data perspective which consists of these components: Entity, Entity Type, Entity Set – An Entity...
DBMS DBMS-Relational Algebra DBMS

Database Management system Relational Algebra

Relational Algebra is procedural query language, which takes Relation as input and generate relation as output. Relational algebra mainly provides theoretical foundat...
DBMS DBMS-Normalization DBMS

Database Management System Lossless Decomposition

Decomposition of a relation R into R1 and R2 is a lossless-join decomposition if at least one of the following functional dependencies are in F+ (Closure of functiona...

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