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C C-Library C

exec family of functions in C

The exec family of functions replaces the current running process with a new process. It can be used to run a C program by using another C program. It comes under the...
C C Array and String C

Write one line functions for strcat() and strcmp()

Recursion can be used to do both tasks in one line. Below are one line implementations for stracat() and strcmp(). /* my_strcat(dest, src) copies data of sr...
C CPP-Library cpp-math

C Library math.h functions

The math.h header defines various mathematical functions and one macro. All the functions available in this library take double as an argument and return double as th...
C C++ C-Library

strdup() and strndup() functions in C/C++

The strdup() and strndup() functions are used to duplicate a string. strdup() : Syntax : char *strdup(const char *s); This function returns a pointer to a null-termi...
C C++ C-Library

isalpha() and isdigit() functions in C/C++ with example

isalpha(c) is a function in C which can be used to check if passed character is an alphabet or not. It returns a non-zero value if it’s an alphabet else it ret...
C C-Functions C

Functions that are executed before and after main() in C

With GCC family of C compilers, we can mark some functions to execute before and after main(). So some startup code can be executed before main() starts, and some cle...
C C-Functions C

Static functions in C

Prerequisite : Static variables in C In C, functions are global by default. The “static” keyword before a function name makes it static. For example, be...
C C-Functions C

Nested functions in C

Some programmer thinks that defining a function inside an another function is known as “nested function”. But the reality is that it is not a nested fun...
C C++ CPP-Functions

Macros vs Functions

Macros are pre-processed which means that all the macros would be processed before your program compiles. However, functions are not preprocessed but compiled. See th...
C++ Programs CPP-Functions STL

std::stol() and std::stoll() functions in C++

std::stol(): This function converts the string, provided as an argument in the function call, to long int. It parses str interpreting its content as an integral numb...

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