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Heap Mathematical Adobe

Median in a stream of integers (running integers)

Given that integers are read from a data stream. Find median of elements read so for in efficient way. For simplicity assume there are no duplicates. For example, let...
C++ Strings cpp-string

stringstream in C++ and its applications

A stringstream associates a string object with a stream allowing you to read from the string as if it were a stream (like cin). Basic methods are – cle...
C++ cpp-operator-overloading cpp-overloading

Overloading stream insertion (<>) operators in C++

In C++, stream insertion operator &#x201C;&lt;&lt;&#x201D; is used for output and extraction operator &#x201C;&gt;&gt;&#x201D; is used for input. We must know follow...
C++ cpp-iterator CPP-Library

std::istream_iterator and std::ostream_iterator in C++ STL

The STL is a very powerful library in C++. It is strongly built on the principles of template programming. The STL library has three main components : Containers: ...
Java Java-I/O java-stream

Character Stream Vs Byte Stream in Java

I/O Stream A stream is a method to sequentially access a file. I/O Stream means an input source or output destination representing different types of sources e.g. di...
Java Java - util package java-DoubleStream

DoubleStream mapToObj() in Java

DoubleStream mapToObj() returns an object-valued Stream consisting of the results of applying the given function. Syntax: &lt;U&gt; Stream&lt;U&gt; mapToObj(DoubleFu...
Java Java - util package Java-Functions

Stream ofNullable(T) method in Java with examples Stream dropWhile() method in Java with examples Stream iterate(T,Predicate,UnaryOperator) method in Java with examples Stream takeWhile() method in Java with examples 1

The ofNullable(T) method returns a sequential Stream containing a single element if this stream is non-null otherwise method returns an empty Stream. I...
Java Java - util package Java-Functions

Stream.Builder add() method in Java Stream.Builder accept() method in Java LongStream.Builder build() in Java Stream.Builder build() in Java

Stream.Builder add(T t) is used to insert an element into the element in the building phase of stream. It adds an element to the stream&#x2026; Read Mo...
Java Java - util package Java-Functions

IntStream.Builder accept() method in Java IntStream.Builder build() in Java with Examples IntStream.Builder add() method in Java

IntStream.Builder accept(int t) is used to insert an element into the element in the building phase of stream. It accepts an element to the stream&#x20...
Java java-intstream java-stream

Generate Infinite Stream of Integers in Java IntStream codePoints() method in Java with Examples Program to convert IntStream to String in Java Java Program to convert Character Array to IntStream Program to convert St

Given the task is to generate an infinite sequential unordered stream of integers in Java. Recommended: Please try your approach on {IDE} first, before...

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