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C# CSharp-Collections-Namespace CSharp-OOP

Object and Collection Initializer in C#

An object and collection initializer is an interesting and very useful feature of C# language. This feature provides a different way to initialize an object of a clas...
C# CSharp-Collections-Namespace CSharp-Specialized-Namespace

C# StringCollection Class

.math-table { border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%; } .math-table td { border: 1px solid #5fb962; text-align: left !important; padding: 8px; }...
CSS HTML Web Technologies

HTML DOM anchors Collection

The DOM anchors collection is used to return the collection of all <a> element in a HTML document. It only count those <a> element that have the name attr...
CSS HTML Web Technologies

HTML DOM images Collection Property

The image property in HTML is used to return the collection of <img> elements in the document. It can be used for knowing the count of images inserted in the do...
CSS HTML Web Technologies

HTML DOM embeds Collection

The DOM embeds collection property is used to return the collection of all embedded element. The elements in the collection are sorted that appear in the sourcecode. ...
Java Java - util package Java-Collections

Java.util.Collections.disjoint() Method in java with Examples Java.util.Collections.frequency() in Java with Examples Java.util.Collections.rotate() Method in Java with Examples Java.util.Collections.frequency() in Java

2 java.util.Collections.disjoint() method is present in java.util.Collections class. It is used to check whether two specified co...
Java Java-Collections Java

Collections in Java

A Collection is a group of individual objects represented as a single unit. Java provides Collection Framework which defines several classes and interfaces to repres...
Java Java - util package Java-AbstractCollection

AbstractCollection in Java with Examples

The AbstractCollection class in Java is a part of the Java Collection Framework and implements the Collection interface. It is used to implement an unmodifiable colle...
Java Java-Collections Java

Convert an Iterable to Collection in Java

Iterable and Collection have served to be of great use in Java. Iterators are used in Collection framework in Java to retrieve elements one by one and a Collection i...
Java Java

Retrieving Elements from Collection in Java (For-each, Iterator, ListIterator & EnumerationIterator)

Prerequisite : Collection in Java Following are the 4 ways to retrieve any elements from a collection object: For-each For each loop is meant for traversing items in...

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