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Java java-basics java-JVM

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Stack Area

For every thread, JVM creates a separate stack at the time of thread creation. The memory for a Java Virtual Machine stack does not need to be contiguous. The Java vi...
Java java-JVM Java

JVM Shutdown Hook in Java

Shutdown Hooks are a special construct that allow developers to plug in a piece of code to be executed when the JVM is shutting down. This comes in handy in cases whe...
Java java-JVM Java

Does JVM create object of Main class (the class with main())?

Consider following program. class Main {     public static void main(String args[])     {    &#xA0...
Difference Between Java java-JVM

Differences between JDK, JRE and JVM

JAVA DEVELOPMENT KIT The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a software development environment used for developing Java applications and applets. It includes the Java Runt...
Java School Programming java-basics

How JVM Works – JVM Architecture?

JVM(Java Virtual Machine) acts as a run-time engine to run Java applications. JVM is the one that actually calls the main method present in a java code. JVM is a par...

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