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Arrays Sorting Oracle

Sort elements by frequency Set 1

Print the elements of an array in the decreasing frequency if 2 numbers have same frequency then print the one which came first. Examples: Input: arr[] = {2, 5, 2, ...
C C-Storage Classes and Type Qualifiers C

Understanding “volatile” qualifier in C Set 2 (Examples)

The volatile keyword is intended to prevent the compiler from applying any optimizations on objects that can change in ways that cannot be determined by the compiler...
C C-Storage Classes and Type Qualifiers C

Understanding “volatile” qualifier in C Set 1 (Introduction)

In spite of tons of literature on C language, “volatile” keyword is somehow not understood well (even by experienced C programmers). We think that the m...
C C-Input and Output Quiz C

Scansets in C

scanf family functions support scanset specifiers which are represented by %[]. Inside scanset, we can specify single character or range of characters. While processi...
C C-Operators cpp-operator

Operators in C Set 1 (Arithmetic Operators)

Operators are the foundation of any programming language. Thus the functionality of C language is incomplete without the use of operators. Operators allow us to perf...
Bit Magic C C-Operators

Operators in C Set 2 (Relational and Logical Operators)

We have discussed introduction to operators in C and Arithmetic Operators. In this article, Relational and Logical Operators are discussed. Relational Operators: Re...
C C++ C-Macro & Preprocessor

The OFFSETOF() macro

We know that the elements in a structure will be stored in sequential order of their declaration. How to extract the displacement of an element in a structure? We can...
C C++ C Basics

C/C++ Preprocessor directives Set 2

C/C++ Preprocessor directives basics Preprocessor directives: In almost every program we come across in C/C++, we see a few lines at the top of the program preceded b...
C C Array and String C Basics

Arrays in C Language Set 2 (Properties)

We have introduced arrays in set 1 (Introduction to arrays in C). In this post array properties in C are discussed. 1) In C, it is possible to have array of all types...
C C-File Handling C

fsetpos() (Set File Position) in C

The fsetpos() function moves the file position indicator to the location specified by the object pointed to by position. When fsetpos() is executed ,the end-of-file i...

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