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How to access structure elements using Pointers in C#

Unlike C/C++, Structures in C# can have members that are methods, fields, indexers, operator methods, properties or events. The members can have access specifiers as ...
CSS HTML Web Technologies

CSS pointer-events Property

This property is used to specify that whether element show to pointer events and whether not show on the pointer. Syntax: pointer-events: auto|none; Property: auto: ...
Java Java

C/C++ Pointers vs Java References

Java doesn’t have pointers; Java has references. Reference: A reference is a variable that refers to something else and can be used as an alias for that someth...
Java Technical Scripter Exception Handling

Null Pointer Exception In Java

NullPointerException is a RuntimeException. In Java, a special null value can be assigned to an object reference. NullPointerException is thrown when program attempts...
PHP Web Technologies PHP-array

PHP Print the last value of an array without affecting the pointer

We are given an array with key-value pair, and we need to find the last value of array without affecting the array pointer. Examples: Input : $arr = array('c1&ap...
Arrays Searching Technical Scripter

Two Pointers Technique

Two pointer is really an easy and effective technique which is typically used for searching pairs in a sorted arrays. Given a sorted array A (sorted in ascending orde...
Binary Search Tree Binary Search Tree

Binary Search Tree insert with Parent Pointer

We have discussed simple BST insert. How to insert in a tree where parent pointer needs to be maintained. Parent pointers are helpful to quickly find ancestors of a n...
Stack Tree Stack

Modify a binary tree to get preorder traversal using right pointers only

Given a binary tree. Modify it in such a way that after modification you can have a preorder traversal of it using only the right pointers. During modification, you c...
Tree LCA Tree

Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree Set 2 (Using Parent Pointer)

Given values of two nodes in a Binary Tree, find the Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA). It may be assumed that both nodes exist in the tree. For example, consider the Bi...
Tree Tree

Find right sibling of a binary tree with parent pointers

Given a binary tree with parent pointers, find the right sibling of a given node(pointer to the node will be given), if it doesn’t exist return null. Do it in ...

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