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C++ School Programming cpp-destructor

Destructors in C++

What is destructor? Destructor is a member function which destructs or deletes an object. When is destructor called? A destructor function is called automatically wh...
C C++ cpp-destructor

Private Destructor

Also read : Can a constructor be private in C++ ? Predict the output of following programs. // CPP program to illustrate  // Private Destructor #inclu...
C C++ cpp-destructor

Playing with Destructors in C++

Predict the output of the below code snippet. #include <iostream> using namespace std;    int i;    class A { public:  ...
C C++ cpp-constructor

Is it possible to call constructor and destructor explicitly?

All the days of the afflicted are evil but he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast. Proverbs 15:15 (Bible) Constructor is a special member function that...
C++ C++-Destructors secure-coding

Virtual Destructor

Deleting a derived class object using a pointer to a base class that has a non-virtual destructor results in undefined behavior. To correct this situation, the base ...
C C++ cpp-constructor

Pure virtual destructor in C++

Can a destructor be pure virtual in C++? Yes, it is possible to have pure virtual destructor. Pure virtual destructor are legal in standard C++ and one of the most im...
C# CSharp-OOP

Destructors in C#

Destructors in C# are methods inside the class used to destroy instances of that class when they are no longer needed. The Destructor is called implicitly by the .NET...
Python Python-OOP python-oop-concepts

Destructors in Python

Constructors in Python Destructors are called when an object gets destroyed. In Python, destructors are not needed as much needed in C++ because Python has a garbage ...

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