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C C++ C

Advanced C++ Conversion Operators

In C++, the programmer abstracts real world objects using classes as concrete types. Sometimes it is required to convert one concrete type to another concrete type or...
C C++ C

Advanced C++ Virtual Copy Constructor

In the virtual constructor idiom we have seen the way to construct an object whose type is not determined until runtime. Is it possible to create an object witho...
C C++ C

Advanced C++ Virtual Constructor

Can we make a class constructor virtual in C++ to create polymorphic objects? No. C++ being static typed (the purpose of RTTI is different) language, it is ...
C++ cpp-advanced cpp-boost

Advanced C++ with boost library

Boost libraries are intended to be widely useful, and usable across a broad spectrum of applications. For example, they are helpful for handling large numbers having ...
CSS HTML Web Technologies

Advanced Selectors in CSS

Selectors are used for selecting the HTML elements in the attributes. Some different types of selectors are given below: Adjacent Sibling Selector: It selects all th...
GBlog JavaScript Technical Scripter

Advanced JavaScript Backend Basics

Getting Started with JavaScript Backend Basics The following article is a continuation to my previous article. In this article, we will dive deep into some of the adv...
Python Python numpy-Indexing Python-numpy

Basic Slicing and Advanced Indexing in NumPy Python

Prerequisites : Numpy in Python Introduction NumPy or Numeric Python is a package for computation on homogenous n-dimensional arrays. In numpy dimensions are called a...
Python Python-numpy

NumPy in Python Set 2 (Advanced)

NumPy in Python | Set 1 (Introduction) This article discusses some more and a bit advanced methods available in NumPy. Stacking: Several arrays can be stacked togeth...
SQL SQL-Functions SQL

SQL Advanced Functions

Following are some of the advanced functions defined in SQL: BIN(): It converts a decimal number to a binary number. Syntax: SELECT BIN(18); Output: BINARY(): It ...
Analysis Divide and Conquer GATE CS

Advanced master theorem for divide and conquer recurrences

Master Theorem is used to determine running time of algorithms (divide and conquer algorithms) in terms of asymptotic notations. Consider a problem that be solved usi...

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