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Advanced Computer Subject computer-graphics

Segments in Computer Graphics

To view an entire image or a part of image with various attributes, we need to organize image information in a particular manner since existing structure of display f...
GBlog computer-graphics

Vector vs Raster Graphics

Before we begin with what vector graphics and raster graphics are, we must understand a few basic terms: Pixel : In Computer graphics a pixel, dots, or picture eleme...
Algorithms computer-graphics Algorithms

DDA Line generation Algorithm in Computer Graphics

In any 2-Dimensional plane if we connect two points (x0, y0) and (x1, y1), we get a line segment. But in the case of computer graphics we can not directly join any t...
C Programs computer-graphics

Draw ellipse in C graphics

Program to draw ellipse in C using graphics.h header file. graphics.h library is used to include and facilitate graphical operations in program. C graphics using gra...
C Programs c-graphics computer-graphics

Flood fill algorithm using C graphics

Given a rectangle, your task to fill this rectangle using flood fill algorithm. Examples: Input : rectangle(left = 50, top = 50, right= 100, bottom = 100) flo...
C++ computer-graphics CPP

Draw a line in C++ graphics

graphics.h library is used to include and facilitate graphical operations in program. graphics.h functions can be used to draw different shapes, display text in diffe...
C C Programs computer-graphics

Draw Rectangle in C graphics

rectangle() is used to draw a rectangle. Coordinates of left top and right bottom corner are required to draw the rectangle. left specifies the X-coordinate of top le...
C circle computer-graphics

Draw circle in C graphics

The header file graphics.h contains circle() function which draws a circle with center at (x, y) and given radius. Syntax : circle(x, y, radius); where, (x, y) is c...
Algorithms computer-graphics Algorithms

2D Transformation in Computer Graphics Set 1 (Scaling of Objects)

A scaling transformation alters size of an object. In the scaling process, we either compress or expand the dimension of the object. Scaling operation can be achieved...
Algorithms computer-graphics Algorithms

Point Clipping Algorithm in Computer Graphics

Clipping: In computer graphics our screen act as a 2-D coordinate system. it is not necessary that each and every point can be viewed on our viewing pane(i.e. our com...

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