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C C++ cpp-data-types

Interesting facts about data-types and modifiers in C/C++

Here are some logical and interesting facts about data-types and the modifiers associated with data-types:- 1. If no data type is given to a variable, then the compil...
C++ School Programming cpp-class

Access Modifiers in C++

Access modifiers are used to implement an important feature of Object Oriented Programming known as Data Hiding. Consider a real-life example: Consider Indian secret ...
Java access modifiers java-basics

Access and Non Access Modifiers in Java

Java provides a rich set of modifiers. They are used to control access mechanism and also provide information about class functionalities to JVM. They are divided int...
Java School Programming access modifiers

Access Modifiers in Java

As the name suggests access modifiers in Java helps to restrict the scope of a class, constructor , variable , method or data member. There are four types of access m...

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