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Queue Tree tree-level-order

Averages of Levels in Binary Tree

Given a non-empty binary tree, print the average value of the nodes on each level. Examples: Input : 4 / 2 9 / 3 5 7 Output : [4 5.5 5] The ave...
Queue Tree anagram

Check if all levels of two trees are anagrams or not

Given two binary trees, we have to check if each of their levels are anagrams of each other or not. Example: Tree 1: Level 0 : 1 Level 1 : 3, 2 Level 2 : 5, 4 Tree...
Stack Stack

Print ancestors of a given binary tree node without recursion

Given a Binary Tree and a key, write a function that prints all the ancestors of the key in the given binary tree. For example, consider the following Binary Tree ...
Binary Search Tree Stack Tree

Check if a given array can represent Preorder Traversal of Binary Search Tree

Given an array of numbers, return true if given array can represent preorder traversal of a Binary Search Tree, else return false. Expected time complexity is O(n). E...
Queue Stack Tree

Check mirror in n-ary tree

Given two n-ary trees, the task is to check if they are mirror of each other or not. Print “Yes” if they are mirror of each other else “No&#x201D...
Stack Tree Stack

Iterative method to find ancestors of a given binary tree

Given a binary tree, print all the ancestors of a particular key existing in the tree without using recursion. Here we will be discussing the implementation for the a...

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