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Arrays Searching Amazon

Two elements whose sum is closest to zero

Question: An Array of integers is given, both +ve and -ve. You need to find the two elements such that their sum is closest to zero. For the below array, program shou...
Arrays Linked List Accolite

Add two numbers represented by linked lists Set 2

Given two numbers represented by two linked lists, write a function that returns sum list. The sum list is linked list representation of addition of two input numbers...
Tree Amazon Cadence India

Write a Program to Find the Maximum Depth or Height of a Tree

Given a binary tree, find height of it. Height of empty tree is 0 and height of below tree is 3. Example Tree Recommended: Please solve it on “PRACTICE&#x20...
Binary Search Tree Tree Accolite

A program to check if a binary tree is BST or not

A binary search tree (BST) is a node based binary tree data structure which has the following properties. • The left subtree of a node contains only nodes with...
Advanced Data Structure Binary Search Tree Tree

AVL Tree Set 1 (Insertion)

AVL tree is a self-balancing Binary Search Tree (BST) where the difference between heights of left and right subtrees cannot be more than one for all nodes. An Examp...
Advanced Data Structure Tree Amazon

AVL Tree Set 2 (Deletion)

We have discussed AVL insertion in the previous post. In this post, we will follow a similar approach for deletion. Steps to follow for deletion. To make sure that t...
Tree Accolite Amazon

Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree Set 1

Given a binary tree (not a binary search tree) and two values say n1 and n2, write a program to find the least common ancestor. Following is definition of LCA from W...
Arrays Dynamic Programming arithmetic progression

Longest Arithmetic Progression DP-35

Given a set of numbers, find the Length of the Longest Arithmetic Progression (LLAP) in it. Examples: set[] = {1, 7, 10, 15, 27, 29} output = 3 The longest arithmet...
Arrays Searching Adobe

Search an element in a sorted and rotated array

An element in a sorted array can be found in O(log n) time via binary search. But suppose we rotate an ascending order sorted array at some pivot unknown to you befo...
Arrays Bit Magic Hash

Find the Number Occurring Odd Number of Times

Given an array of positive integers. All numbers occur even number of times except one number which occurs odd number of times. Find the number in O(n) time & con...

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