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Java Java-ArrayList Java-Collections

Synchronization of ArrayList in Java

Implementation of arrayList is not synchronized is by default. It means if a thread modifies it structurally and multiple threads access it concurrently, it must be s...
Java Java-Multithreading Java

Method and Block Synchronization in Java

Threads communicate primarily by sharing access to fields and the objects reference fields refer to. This form of communication is extremely efficient, but makes two ...
Computer Organization & Architecture

Computer Organization Asynchronous input output synchronization

Asynchronous input output is a form of input output processing that allows others devices to do processing before the transmission or data transfer is done. Problem f...
GATE CS Operating Systems Process Synchronization

Operating System Process Synchronization Introduction

On the basis of synchronization, processes are categorized as one of the following two types: Independent Process : Execution of one process does not affects the ex...
Operating Systems Process Synchronization Operating Systems

Process Synchronization Monitors

Monitor is one of the ways to achieve Process synchronization. Monitor is supported by programming languages to achieve mutual exclusion between processes. For exampl...
GATE CS Operating Systems Operating Systems

Operating System Lock variable synchronization mechanism

Prerequisites – Process Synchronization A lock variable provides the simplest synchronization mechanism for processes. Some noteworthy points regarding Lock V...
GATE CS Operating Systems Process Synchronization

Operating System Process Synchronization Set 2

Prerequisite – Process Synchronization | Introduction, Critical Section, Semaphores Process Synchronization is a technique which is used to coordinate the proc...

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