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Advanced Data Structure Pattern Searching Suffix-Tree

Suffix Tree Application 2 – Searching All Patterns

Given a text string and a pattern string, find all occurrences of the pattern in string. Few pattern searching algorithms (KMP, Rabin-Karp, Naive Algorithm, Finite Au...
Arrays Searching array-range-queries

Array range queries for searching an element

Given an array of N elements and Q queries of the form L R X. For each query, you have to output if the element X exists in the array between the indices L and R(incl...
Arrays Searching Arrays

Searching in an array where adjacent differ by at most k

A step array is an array of integer where each element has a difference of atmost k with its neighbor. Given a key x, we need to find the index value of k if multiple...
Binary Search Tree Binary Search Tree

Iterative searching in Binary Search Tree

Given a binary search tree and a key. Check the given key exist in BST or not without recursion. Recommended: Please try your approach on {IDE} first, before moving...
Advanced Data Structure Linked List Linked List

Skip List Set 3 (Searching and Deletion)

In previous article Skip List | Set 2 (Insertion) we discussed the structure of skip nodes and how to insert an element in the skip list. In this article we will disc...

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