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PHP Web Technologies PHP-Calendar

PHP jdtounix( ) Function

The jdtounix() function in PHP is a built-in function which is used to convert a Julian day date into a Unix Timestamp. This function returns a Unix timestamp corresp...
PHP Web Technologies PHP-Calendar

PHP unixtojd() Function

The unixtojd() is a built-in function in PHP which converts the unix timestamp to Julian Day count. The UNIX timestamp is a way to track time as a running total of se...
Python Python-Library python-regex

fnmatch – Unix filename pattern matching in Python

This module is used for matching Unix shell-style wildcards. fnmatch() compares a single file name against a pattern and returns TRUE if they match else returns FALSE...
GATE CS Operating Systems Operating Systems

Operating System Unix File System

Unix file system is a logical method of organizing and storing large amounts of information in a way that makes it easy to manage. A file is a smallest unit in which ...
Operating Systems Questions

Introduction to UNIX System

Unix is an Operating System which is truly the base of all Operating Systems like Linux, Ubuntu, Solaris, POSIX etc. It was developed in the 1970s by Ken Thompson, De...
Computer Subject Linux-Unix Operating Systems

Process states and Transitions in a UNIX Process

Process A process is an instance of a program in execution. A set of processes combined together make a complete program. There are two categories of processes in Uni...

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