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C School Programming C Basics

Variables and Keywords in C

A variable in simple terms is a storage place which has some memory allocated to it. Basically, a variable used to store some form of data. Different types of variabl...
C C++ GFacts

Operands for sizeof operator

In C, sizeof operator works on following kind of operands: 1) type-name: type-name must be specified in parentheses. sizeof (type-name)  2) ...
C C++ C-Operators

Order of operands for logical operators

The order of operands of logical operators &&, || are important in C/C++. In mathematics, logical AND, OR, etc… operations are commutative. The result ...
C C-Operators C

Evaluation order of operands

Consider the below program. C #include<stdio.h> int x = 0;    int f1() {   x = 5;   return x; }    i...
C C++ c-array

Accessing array out of bounds in C/C++

Perquisite : Arrays in C/C++ In high level languages such as Java, there are functions which prevent you from accessing array out of bound by generating a exception s...
Bit Magic C C-Struct-Union-Enum

Bit Fields in C

In C, we can specify size (in bits) of structure and union members. The idea is to use memory efficiently when we know that the value of a field or group of fields w...
C C++ School Programming

Different methods to reverse a string in C/C++

Given a string, write a C/C++ program to reverse it. Write own reverse function by swapping characters: One simple solution is two write our own reverse function ...

Inheritance and friendship

In C++, friendship is not inherited. If a base class has a friend function, then the function doesn’t become a friend of the derived class(es). For example, ...
C C++ C

Hiding of all overloaded methods with same name in base class

In C++, if a derived class redefines base class member method then all the base class methods with same name become hidden in derived class. For example, the followi...
C# CSharp-Basics CSharp-keyword

C# Keywords

Keywords or Reserved words are the words in a language that are used for some internal process or represent some predefined actions. These words are therefore not all...

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