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C C-Functions c-puzzle

Does C support function overloading?

First of all, what is function overloading? Function overloading is a feature of a programming language that allows one to have many functions with same name but with...
C++ School Programming CPP-Functions

Function Overloading in C++

Function overloading is a feature in C++ where two or more functions can have the same name but different parameters. Function overloading can be considered as an exa...
C++ Java CPP-Functions

Function overloading and return type

In C++ and Java, functions can not be overloaded if they differ only in the return type. For example, the following program C++ and Java programs fail in compilatio...
C C++ CPP-Functions

Function overloading and const keyword

Predict the output of following C++ program. #include<iostream> using namespace std;    class Test { protected:     ...
C C++ cpp-data-types

Function Overloading and float in C++

Although polymorphism is a widely useful phenomena in C++ yet it can be quite complicated at times. For instance consider the following code snippet: #includ...
C++ cpp-operator-overloading cpp-overloading

Overloading stream insertion (<>) operators in C++

In C++, stream insertion operator &#x201C;&lt;&lt;&#x201D; is used for output and extraction operator &#x201C;&gt;&gt;&#x201D; is used for input. We must know follow...
C++ School Programming cpp-operator-overloading

Operator Overloading in C++

In C++, we can make operators to work for user defined classes. This means C++ has the ability to provide the operators with a special meaning for a data type, this ...
C++ cpp-operator-overloading cpp-overloading

Overloading Subscript or array index operator [] in C++

We have introduced operator overloading. In this post overloading of index operator [] is discussed. Following are some useful facts about overloading of []. 1) Over...
C# CSharp-method

C# Method Overloading

Method Overloading is the common way of implementing polymorphism. It is the ability to redefine a function in more than one form. A user can implement function overl...
C# Technical Scripter CSharp-OOP

C# Constructor Overloading

Prerequisite: Constructors in C# It is quite similar to the Method Overloading. It is the ability to redefine a Constructor in more than one form. A user can implemen...

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