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C++ Design Pattern Linked List

Implementing Iterator pattern of a single Linked List

STL is one of the pillars of C++. It makes life lot easier, especially when your focus is on problem solving and you don’t want to spend time in implementing s...

Iterator Invalidation in C++

One should be careful while using iterators in C++. When we iterate over our container using iterators then it may happen that iterator gets invalidated. This may be ...
C++ cpp-iterator CPP-Library

std::istream_iterator and std::ostream_iterator in C++ STL

The STL is a very powerful library in C++. It is strongly built on the principles of template programming. The STL library has three main components : Containers: ...
Java Java-Collections Java

Iterators in Java

Iterators are used in Collection framework in Java to retrieve elements one by one. There are three iterators. Enumeration : It is a interface used to get element...
Java Java - util package Java-Iterable

Creating Sequential Stream from an Iterator in Java

Iterators, in Java, are used in Collection Framework to retrieve elements one by one. A stream in Java is a pipeline of objects from an array or a collection data sou...
Java Java-Collections Java

How to use Iterator in Java?

‘Iterator’ is an interface which belongs to collection framework. It allows us to traverse the collection, access the data element and remove the data e...
Java Java

Iterator vs Foreach In Java

Background : Iterator is an interface provided by collection framework to traverse a collection and for a sequential access of items in the collection. // It...
Java Java

Retrieving Elements from Collection in Java (For-each, Iterator, ListIterator & EnumerationIterator)

Prerequisite : Collection in Java Following are the 4 ways to retrieve any elements from a collection object: For-each For each loop is meant for traversing items in...
Java Java - util package Java-Collections

Iterator vs Collection in Java

Iterator and Collection, both has helped and comforted the programmers at many a times. But there usage and application has a very wide difference. Iterator Decle...
JavaScript javascript-typedArray

JavaScript [email protected]@iterator with Example

The [email protected]@iterator is an inbuilt property in JavaScript which is used to return the initial value of the given typedArray’s element. Syntax: arr[Symbol....

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