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C++ cpp-file-handling cpp-input-output

I/O Redirection in C++

In C, we could use the function freopen() to redirect an existing FILE pointer to another stream. The prototype for freopen() is given as FILE * freopen ( const char...
Competitive Programming Java Java

Fast I/O in Java in Competitive Programming

Using Java in competitive programming is not something many people would suggest just because of its slow input and output, and well indeed it is slow. In this articl...
Computer Organization & Architecture GATE CS

I/O Interface (Interrupt and DMA Mode)

The method that is used to transfer information between internal storage and external I/O devices is known as I/O interface. The CPU is interfaced using special commu...
Computer Organization & Architecture GATE CS

Memory mapped I/O and Isolated I/O

As a CPU needs to communicate with the various memory and input-output devices (I/O) as we know data between the processor and these devices flow with the help of the...
GATE CS Operating Systems Operating Systems

Operating System Kernel I/O Subsystem (I/O System)

Prerequisite – Microkernel The kernel provides many services related to I/O. Several services such as scheduling, caching, spooling, device reservation, and er...

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