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Heap Heap

Convert min Heap to max Heap

Given array representation of min Heap, convert it to max Heap in O(n) time. Example : Input: arr[] = [3 5 9 6 8 20 10 12 18 9] 3 / 5 9...
Heap Tree tree-level-order

Given level order traversal of a Binary Tree, check if the Tree is a Min-Heap

Given the level order traversal of a Complete Binary Tree, determine whether the Binary Tree is a valid Min-Heap Examples: Input : level = [10, 15, 14, 25, 30] Output...
Arrays Heap Searching

k largest(or smallest) elements in an array added Min Heap method

Question: Write an efficient program for printing k largest elements in an array. Elements in array can be in any order. For example, if given array is [1, 23, 12, 9...
Heap Heap

Implementation of Binomial Heap

In previous article, we have discussed about the concepts related to Binomial heap. Examples Binomial Heap: 12------------10--------------------20 / ...
Heap priority-queue Self-Balancing-BST

Why is Binary Heap Preferred over BST for Priority Queue?

A typical Priority Queue requires following operations to be efficient. Get Top Priority Element (Get minimum or maximum) Insert an element Remove top priority elem...
Heap Sorting Heap Sort

Where is Heap Sort used practically?

Although QuickSort works better in practice, the advantage of HeapSort worst case upper bound of O(nLogn). MergeSort also has upper bound as O(nLogn) and works bette...
C++ Heap CPP-Library

Heap in C++ STL make_heap(), push_heap(), pop_heap(), sort_heap(), is_heap, is_heap_until()

Heap data structure can be implemented in a range using STL which allows faster input into heap and retrieval of a number always results in the largest number i.e. la...
Heap Stack priority-queue

How to implement stack using priority queue or heap?

How to Implement stack using a priority queue(using min heap)?. Asked In: Microsoft, Adobe. Recommended: Please try your approach on {IDE} first, before moving on t...

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