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C C-Library C

isgraph() C library function

The C library function isgraph() checks whether a character is a graphic character or not. Characters that have graphical representation are known are graphic charac...
C C++ CPP-Library

Lexicographically next permutation in C++

Given a word, find lexicographically greater permutation of it. For example, lexicographically next permutation of “gfg” is “ggf” and next...
C++ cpp-string cpp-strings-library

lexicographical_compare() in C++

C++ STL offer many utilities to solve basic common life problems. Comparing values are always necessary, but sometimes we need to compare the strings also. Therefore,...

Check if a graph is strongly connected Set 1 (Kosaraju using DFS)

Given a directed graph, find out whether the graph is strongly connected or not. A directed graph is strongly connected if there is a path between any two pair of ve...
Graph graph-connectivity Graph

Biconnected graph

An undirected graph is called Biconnected if there are two vertex-disjoint paths between any two vertices. In a Biconnected Graph, there is a simple cycle through an...
Graph Microfocus Shortest Path

Longest Path in a Directed Acyclic Graph

Given a Weighted Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and a source vertex s in it, find the longest distances from s to all other vertices in the given graph. The longest pa...
Graph Graph Coloring Graph

Graph Coloring Set 1 (Introduction and Applications)

Graph coloring problem is to assign colors to certain elements of a graph subject to certain constraints. Vertex coloring is the most common graph coloring problem. ...
Graph Greedy Graph Coloring

Graph Coloring Set 2 (Greedy Algorithm)

We introduced graph coloring and applications in previous post. As discussed in the previous post, graph coloring is widely used. Unfortunately, there is no efficient...
HTML Web Technologies HTML and XML

HTML Paragraph

<p> tag The <p> tag in HTML defines a paragraph. These have both opening and closing tag. So anything mentioned within <p> and </p> is treate...
Java java-file-handling Java-I/O

Counting number of lines, words, characters and paragraphs in a text file using Java

Counting the number of characters is important because almost all the text boxes that rely on user input have certain limit on the number of characters that can be in...

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