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C C++ C Basics

Difference between “int main()” and “int main(void)” in C/C++?

Consider the following two definitions of main(). int main() {    /*  */    return 0; } and int main...
C Difference Between cpp-data-types

Difference between float and double in C/C++

For representing floating point numbers, we use float, double and long double. What’s the difference ? double has 2x more precision then float. ...
C C-Input and Output Quiz c-input-output

What is the difference between printf, sprintf and fprintf?

printf: printf function is used to print character stream of data on stdout console. Syntax : int printf(const char* str, ...); Example : // simple prin...
C Difference Between C

Difference between %d and %i format specifier in C language

A format specifier is a sequence formed by an initial percentage sign (%) indicates a format specifier, which is used to specify the type and format of the data to be...
Arrays Paytm Paytm

Find the minimum distance between two numbers

Given an unsorted array arr[] and two numbers x and y, find the minimum distance between x and y in arr[]. The array might also contain duplicates. You may assume tha...
C C-Input and Output Quiz c-input-output

Difference between getc(), getchar(), getch() and getche()

All of these functions read a character from input and return an integer value. The integer is returned to accommodate a special value used to indicate failure. Th...
C Difference Between C-Operators

Difference between ++*p, *p++ and *++p

Predict the output of following C programs. // PROGRAM 1 #include <stdio.h> int main(void) {     int arr[] = {10, 20};  &...
C C++ Difference Between

Difference between strlen() and sizeof() for string in C

sizeof() Sizeof operator is a compile time unary operator which can be used to compute the size of its operand. The result of sizeof is of unsigned integral type ...
C C-Macro & Preprocessor cpp-macros

Diffference between #define and const in C?

#define is a preprocessor directive. Things defined by #define are replaced by the preprocessor before compilation begins. const variables are actual variables like...
Articles C Difference Between

What’s difference between header files “stdio.h” and “stdlib.h” ?

These are two important header files used in C programming. While “<stdio.h>” is header file for Standard Input Output, “<stdlib.h>&#...

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