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Strings Amazon cpp-pair

Given a string, find its first non-repeating character

Given a string, find the first non-repeating character in it. For example, if the input string is “GeeksforGeeks”, then output should be ‘f&#x2...
Linked List Accolite Amazon

Write a function to get the intersection point of two Linked Lists.

There are two singly linked lists in a system. By some programming error, the end node of one of the linked list got linked to the second list, forming an inverted Y...
Advanced Data Structure D-E-Shaw Trie

Trie (Insert and Search)

Trie is an efficient information reTrieval data structure. Using Trie, search complexities can be brought to optimal limit (key length). If we store keys in binary s...
Arrays Accolite Amazon

Majority Element

Write a function which takes an array and prints the majority element (if it exists), otherwise prints “No Majority Element”. A majority element in an ...
Arrays Searching Adobe

Search an element in a sorted and rotated array

An element in a sorted array can be found in O(log n) time via binary search. But suppose we rotate an ascending order sorted array at some pivot unknown to you befo...
Arrays Mathematical Accolite

A Product Array Puzzle

Given an array arr[] of n integers, construct a Product Array prod[] (of same size) such that prod[i] is equal to the product of all the elements of arr[] except arr[...
Matrix D-E-Shaw D-E-Shaw

Given a matrix of ‘O’ and ‘X’, find the largest subsquare surrounded by ‘X’

Given a matrix where every element is either ‘O’ or ‘X’, find the largest subsquare surrounded by ‘X’. In the below article...
Backtracking Recursion Strings

Word Break Problem using Backtracking

Given a valid sentence without any spaces between the words and a dictionary of valid English words, find all possible ways to break the sentence in individual dictio...
Bit Magic Adobe D-E-Shaw

Copy set bits in a range

Given two numbers x and y, and a range [l, r] where 1 <= l, r <= 32. The task is consider set bits of y in range [l, r] and set these bits in x also. Examples...
Arrays Divide and Conquer Mathematical

Median of two sorted arrays of same size

There are 2 sorted arrays A and B of size n each. Write an algorithm to find the median of the array obtained after merging the above 2 arrays(i.e. array of length 2...

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