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Computer Networks Difference Between CN Basics

Differences between Virtual Circuits & Datagram Networks

Computer networks that provide connection-oriented service are called Virtual Circuits while those providing connection-less services are called as Datagram networks....
Computer Networks Data Link Layer Computer Networks

Computer Networks Error Detection

Error A condition when the receiver’s information does not matches with the sender’s information. During transmission, digital signals suffer from nois...
Computer Networks Network Layer Computer Networks

Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Computer Networks

Since IP does not have a inbuilt mechanism for sending error and control messages. It depends on Internet Control Message Protocol(ICMP) to provide an error control. ...
Computer Networks Network Layer Computer Networks

Computer Networks Longest Prefix Matching in Routers

What is Forwarding? Forwarding is moving incoming packets to appropriate interface. Routers use forwarding table to decide which incoming packet should be forwarded t...
Computer Networks GATE CS Computer Networks

Computer Networks Unicast Routing – Link State Routing

Prerequisite – Distance Vector Routing, Dijkstra algorithm, Distance vector routing v/s Link state routing, OSPF, RIP Unicast – Unicast means the transm...
Computer Networks Computer Networks-Network Layer Computer Networks

Computer Networks Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) is a CISCO proprietary protocol, which provides redundancy for a local subnet. In HSRP, two or more routers gives an illusion of a...
Computer Networks Network Layer Computer Networks

Computer Networks Traceroute

Consider a situation when you are not able to access a website and can access other websites. You would want to know if this is a problem with your network, some int...
Computer Networks Shortest Path Shortest Path

Probabilistic shortest path routing algorithm for optical networks

Data transfer operations is a crucial aspect in case of networking and routing. So efficient data transfer operations is a must need, with minimum hardware cost (Opti...
Computer Networks Transport Layer Computer Networks

Computer Networks Congestion Control

What is congestion? A state occurring in network layer when the message traffic is so heavy that it slows down network response time. Effects of Congestion As dela...
Computer Networks GATE CS Transport Layer

Computer Networks Congestion control techniques

Congestion control refers to the techniques used to control or prevent congestion. Congestion control techniques can be broadly classified into two categories: Open ...

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