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C C Basics C++ Basics

C Programming Language Standard

The idea of this article is to introduce C standard. What to do when a C program produces different results in two different compilers? For example, consider the fo...

Benefits of C language over other programming languages

C is a middle-level programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie during the early 1970s while working at AT&T Bell Labs in the USA. The objective of its devel...
C C-Macro & Preprocessor cpp-macros

A C Programming Language Puzzle

Give a = 12 and b = 36 write a C function/macro that returns 3612 without using arithmetic, strings and predefined functions. We strongly recommend you to minimize y...
C C-Input and Output Quiz c-input-output

Interesting Facts in C Programming

Below are some interesting facts about C programming: 1) The case labels of a switch statement can occur inside if-else statements. #include <stdio.h> ...
C++ School Programming cpp-class

Basic Concepts of Object Oriented Programming using C++

Object oriented programming – As the name suggests uses objects in programming. Object oriented programming aims to implement real world entities like inherit...
C++ cpp-pair cpp-set

C++ programming and STL facts

Assign value by a pair of {} to a container // Lots of programmers write code  // like this one: pair<int, int> p = make_pair(3, 4);  &...
C++ GBlog CPP-Library

Socket Programming in C/C++

What is socket programming? Socket programming is a way of connecting two nodes on a network to communicate with each other. One socket(node) listens on a particular ...
C C++ Competitive Programming

getchar_unlocked() – faster input in C/C++ for Competitive Programming

getchar_unlocked() is similar to getchar() with the exception that it is not thread safe. Below is an example code. // A simple C program to demonstrate /...
C++ Competitive Programming CPP

Writing C/C++ code efficiently in Competitive programming

First of all you need to know about Template, Macros and Vectors before moving on the next phase! Templates are the foundation of generic programming, which involve ...
Arrays C++ cpp-puzzle

Programming puzzle (Assign value without any control statement)

Given four integers ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘y’ and ‘x’, where ‘x’ can only be either zero or one. Your task i...

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