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C C++ cpp-namespaces

namespace in C++ Set 2 (Extending namespace and Unnamed namespace)

We have introduced namespaces in below set 1. Namespace in C++ | Set 1 (Introduction) It is also possible to create more than one namespaces in the global space. This...
C C++ cpp-namespaces

Namespace in C++ Set 1 (Introduction)

Consider following C++ program. // A program to demonstrate need of namespace int main() {     int value;     val...
C C++ cpp-namespaces

Namespace in C++ Set 3 (Accessing, creating header, nesting and aliasing)

Namespace in C++ | Set 1 (Introduction) Namespace in C++ | Set 2 (Extending namespace and Unnamed namespace) Different ways to access namespace In C++, there are two ...
C++ namespaces CPP

Can namespaces be nested in C++?

In C++, namespaces can be nested, and resolution of namespace variables is hierarchical. For example, in the following code, namespace inner is created inside namesp...
C C++ cpp-namespaces

Inline namespaces and usage of the “using” directive inside namespaces

Prerequisite : Namespaces in C++ An inline namespace is a namespace that uses the optional keyword inline in its original-namespace-definition. // C++ progra...
Web Technologies

PHP Namespace

Like C++, PHP Namespaces are the way of encapsulating items so that same names can be reused without name conflicts. It can be seen as an abstract concept in many pl...
Python Technical Scripter python-basics

Namespaces and Scope in Python

What is namespace: A namespace is a system to have a unique name for each and every object in Python. An object might be a variable or a method. Python itself maintai...

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