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C C Array and String C Basics

Arrays in C Language Set 2 (Properties)

We have introduced arrays in set 1 (Introduction to arrays in C). In this post array properties in C are discussed. 1) In C, it is possible to have array of all types...
C# CSharp-string

C# String Properties

The string is an array of characters. String class represents the text as a series of Unicode characters and it is defined in the .NET base class library. The main us...
C# CSharp-Indexers & Properties CSharp-OOP

C# Properties

Before going on properties lets have a look at why the concept of properties came into C#? The is because of two reasons: If the members of a class are private then...
CSS HTML Technical Scripter

Transition shorthand with multiple properties in CSS?

The transition property in CSS is used to create some transition in an element. This property change the value smoothly. This article contains hover effect over a div...
JavaScript Web Technologies javascript-basics

JavaScript Window innerWidth and innerHeight Properties

The innerWidth property in JavaScript returns the width and innerHeight property returns the height of window content area. Syntax: window.innerWidth window.innerHeig...
DBMS GATE CS DBMS-Transactions and Concurrency Control

ACID Properties in DBMS

A transaction is a single logical unit of work which accesses and possibly modifies the contents of a database. Transactions access data using read and write operati...
Digital Electronics & Logic Design Engineering Mathematics GATE CS

Mathematics Properties of Boolean algebra

Switching algebra is also known as Boolean Algebra. It is used to analyze digital gates and circuits It is logic to perform mathematical operation on binary numbers ...
Engineering Mathematics GATE CS

Mathematics Power Set and its Properties

Prerequisite – Introduction of Set theory, Set Operations (Set theory) For a given set S, Power set P(S) or 2^S represents the set containing all possible subs...
Theory of Computation & Automata

Theory of Computation Closure Properties of Context Free Languages

Context Free languages are accepted by pushdown automata but not by finite automata. Context free languages can be generated by context free grammar which has the for...
Tree Tree

Handshaking Lemma and Interesting Tree Properties

What is Handshaking Lemma? Handshaking lemma is about undirected graph. In every finite undirected graph number of vertices with odd degree is always even. The handsh...

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