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C C++ C Basics

Difference between “int main()” and “int main(void)” in C/C++?

Consider the following two definitions of main(). int main() {    /*  */    return 0; } and int main...
C C++ C

Line Splicing in C/C++

While writing a program, sometimes we give comment about the working of the code in the comment section with the help of single/double comment line. But we had never ...
C C++ CBSE - Class 11

C/C++ Tokens

A token is the smallest element of a program that is meaningful to the compiler. Tokens can be classified as follows: Keywords Identifiers Constants Strings Special ...
C C Basics cpp-macros

Interesting Facts about Macros and Preprocessors in C

  In a C program, all lines that start with # are processed by preprocessor which is a special program invoked by the compiler. In a very basic term, preprocessor takes a C program and pro...
C C++ cpp-data-types

Different ways to declare variable as constant in C and C++

There are many different ways to make the variable as constant Using const keyword: The const keyword specifies that a variable or object value is constant and can&...
C C-Variable Declaration and Scope cpp-storage-classes

Redeclaration of global variable in C

Consider the below two programs: // Program 1 int main() {    int x;    int x = 5;    printf("%d"...
C C-Data Types cpp-data-types

Integer Promotions in C

Some data types like char , short int take less number of bytes than int, these data types are automatically promoted to int or unsigned int when an operation is per...
C C++ cpp-data-types

What is the size_t data type in C?

size_t is an unsigned integral data type which is defined in various header files such as: <stddef.h>, <stdio.h>, <stdlib.h>, <string.h...
C C-Data Types cpp-data-types

Comparison of a float with a value in C

Predict the output of following C program. #include<stdio.h> int main() {     float x = 0.1;     if (x == 0...
C C++ cpp-data-types

Interesting facts about data-types and modifiers in C/C++

Here are some logical and interesting facts about data-types and the modifiers associated with data-types:- 1. If no data type is given to a variable, then the compil...

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