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C C-Pointers pointer

Why C treats array parameters as pointers?

In C, array parameters are treated as pointers. The following two definitions of foo() look different, but to the compiler they mean exactly the same thing. It&#x201...
C C-Pointers C

What are near, far and huge pointers?

These are some old concepts used in 16 bit intel architectures in the days of MS DOS, not much useful anymore. Near pointer is used to store 16 bit addresses means w...
C C++ School Programming

Pointers in C and C++ Set 1 (Introduction, Arithmetic and Array)

Pointers store address of variables or a memory location. // General syntax datatype *var_name; // An example pointer "ptr" that holds // address of an ...
C C++ cpp-pointer

Smart Pointers in C++

Consider the following simple C++ code with normal pointers. MyClass *ptr = new MyClass(); ptr->doSomething(); //  We must do delete(ptr) to avoid ...
C C++ School Programming

Dangling, Void , Null and Wild Pointers

  Dangling pointer A pointer pointing to a memory location that has been deleted (or freed) is called dangling pointer. There are three different ways where Poi...
C C++ School Programming

Pointers vs References in C++

Prerequisite: Pointers, References C and C++ support pointers which is different from most of the other programming languages. Other languages including C++, Jav...

How to access structure elements using Pointers in C#

Unlike C/C++, Structures in C# can have members that are methods, fields, indexers, operator methods, properties or events. The members can have access specifiers as ...
Java Java

C/C++ Pointers vs Java References

Java doesn’t have pointers; Java has references. Reference: A reference is a variable that refers to something else and can be used as an alias for that someth...
Arrays Searching Technical Scripter

Two Pointers Technique

Two pointer is really an easy and effective technique which is typically used for searching pairs in a sorted arrays. Given a sorted array A (sorted in ascending orde...
Stack Tree Stack

Modify a binary tree to get preorder traversal using right pointers only

Given a binary tree. Modify it in such a way that after modification you can have a preorder traversal of it using only the right pointers. During modification, you c...

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