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Types of Email Attacks

Designed by Freepik Many people rely on the Internet for many of their professional, social and personal activites. But there are also people who attempt to damage ou...
Computer Networks Information-Security Computer Networks

Malware and its types

Malware is a program designed to gain access to computer systems, normally for the benefit of some third party, without the user’s permission. Malware includes...
Computer Networks Technical Scripter Computer Networks

Computer Network Types of MANET

Prerequisite – MANET: Mobile Ad hoc Network MANET stands for Mobile adhoc Network also called as wireless adhoc network or adhoc wireless network. They consist...
Computer Networks GATE CS C

Computer Network Open shortest path first (OSPF) – Set 2 TCP Server-Client implementation in C Computer Network Birthday attack TCP and UDP server using select Types of Security attacks Active and Passive attacks

OSPF is abbreviated as Open Shortest Path First. OSPF is an intradomain routing protocol and it is the implementation of link state routing protocol.It...
Articles Computer Networks Computer Networks

Computer Network Types of Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server into number of small virtual servers, each running its own operating system. These operating systems ar...
Computer Organization & Architecture Misc Misc

Vector instruction types

A Vector operand contains an ordered set of n elements, where n is called the length of the vector. All elements in a vector are same type scalar quantities, which ma...
Computer Organization & Architecture

Computer Organization and Architecture Pipelining Set 3 (Types and Stalling)

Please see Set 1 for Execution, Stages and Performance (Throughput) and Set 2 for Dependencies and Data Hazard.   Types of pipeline Uniform delay pipeline In th...

DBMS Concurrency Control Types of Schedules

The basics of Transactions and Schedules is discussed in Concurrency Control (Introduction), and Transaction Isolation Levels in DBMS articles. Here we will discuss v...

DBMS Types of OLAP Systems

There are 3 main types of OLAP servers are as following: Relational OLAP (ROLAP) – Star Schema based – The ROLAP is based on the premise that data need...

DBMS Types of Recoverability of Schedules and easiest way to test schedule Set 2

Generally, there are three types of schedule given as follows: 1. Recoverable Schedule – A schedule is said to be recoverable if it is recoverable as name sug...

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