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JavaScript JavaScript-atomics

Atomics.xor( ) In JavaScript

What is Atomics? The Atomics is an object in JavaScript which provides atomic operations to be performed as static methods.Just like the Math object in JavaScript all...
PHP Web Technologies PHP-gmp

PHP gmp_xor() Function

The gmp_xor() is an in-built function in PHP which is used to calculate the XOR of 2 GMP numbers (GNU Multiple Precision : For large numbers). Syntax: gmp_xor( $num1,...
Python Bitwise-XOR

Inplace Operators in Python Set 2 (ixor(), iand(), ipow(),…)

Inplace Operators in Python | Set 1(iadd(), isub(), iconcat()…) More functions are discussed in this articles. 1. ixor() :- This function is used to assign an...
Bit Magic Bitwise-XOR Bit Magic

Find XOR of two number without using XOR operator

Given two integers, find XOR of them without using XOR operator, i.e., without using ^ in C/C++. Examples : Input: x = 1, y = 2 Output: 3 Input: x = 3, y = 5 Outpu...
Bit Magic Mathematical cryptography

Compute the parity of a number using XOR and table look-up

Parity of a number refers to whether it contains an odd or even number of 1-bits. The number has “odd parity”, if it contains odd number of 1-bits and i...
Bit Magic Mathematical Python

XOR Encryption by Shifting Plaintext

Here is a cipher algorithm, based on hexadecimal strings that is implemented by XORing the given plaintext, N number of times where N is its length. But, the catch is...
Advanced Data Structure Bit Magic Strings

Find the maximum subarray XOR in a given array

Given an array of integers. find the maximum XOR subarray value in given array. Expected time complexity O(n). Examples: Input: arr[] = {1, 2, 3, 4} Output: 7 The su...
Advanced Data Structure Bit Magic Technical Scripter

Levelwise Alternating OR and XOR operations in Segment Tree

A Levelwise OR/XOR alternating segment tree is a segment tree, such that at every level the operations OR and XOR alternate. In other words at Level 1 the left and ri...
Advanced Data Structure Bit Magic Data Structures

Leftover element after performing alternate Bitwise OR and Bitwise XOR operations on adjacent pairs

Given an array of N(always a power of 2) elements and Q queries. Every Query consists of two elements index and value.. We need to write a program that assigns value ...
Bit Magic Dynamic Programming Bitwise-XOR

Count number of subsets having a particular XOR value

Given an array arr[] of n numbers and a number K, find the number of subsets of arr[] having XOR of elements as K Examples : Input: arr[] = {6, 9, 4,2}, k = 6 Outp...

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