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Advanced Data Structure D-E-Shaw Trie

Trie (Insert and Search)

Trie is an efficient information reTrieval data structure. Using Trie, search complexities can be brought to optimal limit (key length). If we store keys in binary s...
Binary Search Tree Tree Amazon

Binary Tree to Binary Search Tree Conversion

Given a Binary Tree, convert it to a Binary Search Tree. The conversion must be done in such a way that keeps the original structure of Binary Tree. Examples. Examp...
Binary Search Tree doubly linked list Self-Balancing-BST

Merge Two Balanced Binary Search Trees

You are given two balanced binary search trees e.g., AVL or Red Black Tree. Write a function that merges the two given balanced BSTs into a balanced binary search tre...
C++ Binary Search cpp-algorithm-library

Binary Search in C++ Standard Template Library (STL)

Binary search is a widely used searching algorithm that requires the array to be sorted before search is applied. The main idea behind this algorithm is to keep divid...
Binary Search Tree Dynamic Programming Dynamic Programming

Optimal Binary Search Tree DP-24

Given a sorted array keys[0.. n-1] of search keys and an array freq[0.. n-1] of frequency counts, where freq[i] is the number of searches to keys[i]. Construct a bina...
Pattern Searching Pattern Searching

Optimized Naive Algorithm for Pattern Searching

Question: We have discussed Naive String matching algorithm here. Consider a situation where all characters of pattern are different. Can we modify the original Naive...
Pattern Searching Modular Arithmetic Modular Arithmetic

Rabin-Karp Algorithm for Pattern Searching

Given a text txt[0..n-1] and a pattern pat[0..m-1], write a function search(char pat[], char txt[]) that prints all occurrences of pat[] in txt[]. You may assume tha...
C++ Binary Search cpp-algorithm-library

Binary Search functions in C++ STL (binary_search, lower_bound and upper_bound)

Binary search is an important component in competitive programming or any algorithmic competition, having knowledge of shorthand functions reduces the time to code th...
C++ C++ Programs system-programming

searching in fork()

Prerequisite – fork() in C, sorting in fork() Problem statement – Write a program to search the key element in parent process and print the key to be s...
C# CSharp-Arrays CSharp-method

How to use Array.BinarySearch() Method in C# Set -1

Array.BinarySearch() method is used to search a value in a sorted one dimensional array. The binary search algorithm is used by this method. This algorithm searches a...

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