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C C++ Competitive Programming

Array algorithms in C++ STL (all_of, any_of, none_of, copy_n and iota)

From C++11 onwards, some new and interesting algorithms are added in STL of C++. These algorithms operate on an array and are useful in saving time during coding and ...
Computer Networks GATE CS Technical Scripter

Computer Network Fixed and Flooding Routing algorithms

In most of the situations, packets require multiple hops to make journey towards the destination. Routing is one of the most complex and crucial aspect of packet swit...
Computer Networks GATE CS Technical Scripter

Computer Network Classification of Routing Algorithms

Prerequisite – Fixed and Flooding Routing algorithms Routing is process of establishing the routes that data packets must follow to reach the destination. In t...
GATE CS Operating Systems memory-management

Page Replacement Algorithms in Operating Systems

In an operating system that uses paging for memory management, a page replacement algorithm is needed to decide which page needs to be replaced when new page comes in...
GATE CS Greedy Operating Systems

Program for Page Replacement Algorithms Set 1 ( LRU)

Prerequisite: Page Replacement Algorithms In operating systems that use paging for memory management, page replacement algorithm are needed to decide which page neede...
Operating Systems File & Disk Management Operating Systems

Disk Scheduling Algorithms

Disk scheduling is done by operating systems to schedule I/O requests arriving for the disk. Disk scheduling is also known as I/O scheduling. Disk scheduling is impo...

Analysis of algorithms little o and little omega notations

The main idea of asymptotic analysis is to have a measure of efficiency of algorithms that doesn’t depend on machine specific constants, mainly because this an...
Analysis Articles

Analysis of Algorithms Set 4 (Analysis of Loops)

We have discussed Asymptotic Analysis,  Worst, Average and Best Cases  and Asymptotic Notations in previous posts. In this post, analysis of iterative progr...
Analysis Articles

Analysis of Algorithms Set 2 (Worst, Average and Best Cases)

In the previous post, we discussed how Asymptotic analysis overcomes the problems of naive way of analyzing algorithms. In this post, we will take an example of Linea...

Pseudo-polynomial Algorithms

What is Pseudo-polynomial? An algorithm whose worst case time complexity depends on numeric value of input (not number of inputs) is called Pseudo-polynomial algorit...

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