PHP | ctype_print() Function

The ctype_print() Function in PHP used to check each and every character of a string are visible or not. If all characters of string are visible then returns TRUE , else if there are any control character then return FALSE.

Control Character: A character that does not represent a printable character but serves to initiate a particular action. for example ‘ ’ is a control character which is not printable but perform action “Next Line”


ctype_print(string text)

Parameter Used:

  • $text : The tested string. Its a mandatory parameter.

Return Values:
This function return TRUE if all characters of string are printable(not containing any control character). And return FALSE if string contains any control character.


Input  : Geeks for geeks article
Output : Geeks for geeks article -->Yes visible

Explanation : The string contains three blank space 
             and the function returns TRUE. 

Input  : 	gfg

Output :     gfg
--> No visible

Explanation : '	' and '
' are control character .
            Then the function returns False.

Program: 1

// PHP program to illustrate 
// ctype_print() function 
$string = 'GFG A Computer Science Portal';
// Checking above given strings 
// by used of ctype_print() function .
if (ctype_print($string)) {
    // if true then return Yes
    echo "$string: Yes visible ";
} else {
    // if False then return No
    echo "$string: Not visible ";


GFG A Computer Science Portal: Yes visible

Program: 2 Drive a code of ctype_print() function where input will be integer, symbols in array of strings.

// PHP program to illustrate
// ctype_print() function 
$strings = array(
    " ComputerScience",
    "G 4 G",
    "78 96 . 90"
// Checking above array of strings 
// by used of ctype_print() function.
foreach ($strings as $str) {
    if (ctype_print($str)) {
        // if true then return Yes
        echo "$str:   (Yes visible) ";
    } else {
        // if False then return No
        echo "$str:   (No visible) ";


GeeksforGeeks:   (Yes visible)
GFG2018:   (Yes visible)

ComputerScience:   (No visible)
G 4 G:   (Yes visible)
@#$$.&*()_+;?~:   (Yes visible)
78 96 . 90:   (Yes visible)

References : http://php.net/manual/en/function.ctype-print.php

This article is attributed to GeeksforGeeks.org

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