PHP | count() Function

This inbuilt function of PHP is used to count the current elements in the array. The function might return 0 for the variable that has been set to an empty array. Also for the variable which is not set the function returns 0.


count($array, mode)

Parameters: The function generally takes one parameter that is the array for which the elements is needed to be counted. But in addition, the function can take a parameter mode which tells the function to count element in which normal or recursive mode.

  1. $array (mandatory) : Refers to the array, whose elements are needed to be counted.
  2. mode (optional) : This is used to set the mode of the function. The parameter can take two possible values, either 0 or 1. 1 generally indicates to count the values of the array recursively. This helps in counting the multidimensional array. The default value is 0 or False.

Return Values: The function returns the number of elements in an array.

Below programs will help in understanding the working of count() function.

Program 1: Counting normally, that is passing mode as 0 or not passing the parameter mode.

// PHP programme to illustrate working of count()
$array = array("Aakash", "Ravi", "Prashant", "49", "50");




Program 2: Counting recursively or passing mode as 1.

// PHP program to illustrate working of count()
$array = array('names' => array('Aakash', 'Ravi', 'Prashant'),
               'rollno' => array('5', '10', '15'));
// recursive count - mode as 1
echo("Recursive count: ".count($array,1)." ");
// normal count - mode as 0
echo("Normal count: ".count($array,0)." ");


Recursive count: 8
Normal count: 2


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