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The cal_to_jd() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to converts a specified date into Julian Day Count. The cal_to_jd() function calculates the Julian day count for a date in the specified calendar. This function supports CAL_GREGORIAN, CAL_JULIAN, CAL_JEWISH and CAL_FRENCH calandars.


int cal_to_jd( $calendar, $month, $day, $year )

Parameters: This function accepts four parameters as mentioned above and described below:

  • $calendar: It is used to specify the calendar for calculation. The calendar values are Gregorian calendar, French calendar, Jewish calendar and Julian calendar.
  • $month: It is used to specify the Month in the selected calendar.
  • $day: It is used to specify the Day in the selected calendar.
  • $year : It is used to specify the year in the selected calendar.

Return Value: This function returns a Julian Day number.

Below programs illustrate the cal_to_jd() function in PHP.

Program 1:

// Converts a Gregorian calender Date 
// into Julian Day number.
$date = cal_to_jd(CAL_GREGORIAN, 11, 03, 2007);
// Prints the conversion of date to 
// Julain Day number.
echo $date;



Program 2:

// Converts Julian calender Date into 
// Julian Day count.
$date = cal_to_jd(CAL_JULIAN, 7, 20, 20017);
// Prints the above conversion.
echo $date;



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Reference: http://php.net/manual/en/function.cal-to-jd.php

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