jQuery | prop() with Examples

The prop() is an inbuilt method in jQuery which is used to set or return properties and values for the selected elements. When this method is used to return the property value, it returns the value of the FIRST matched element and when this method is used to set property values, it sets one or more property for the selected elements.
Syntax :

$(selector).prop(para1, para2)

Parameters: It accepts two parameters which are specified below-

  • para1: It specifies the property.
  • para2: It specifies the value of the property in case of set.
  • Return Value: It returns the property and value set for the property for the selected element.

    jQuery code to show the working of prop() method:

          <!-- jQuery code to show thre working of this method -->
                 var $x = $("p");
                 $x.prop("color", "green");
                 $x.append(" Property is color and its value: " + $x.prop("color"));
             width: 250px;
             padding: 10px;
             height: 100px;
             border: 2px solid green;
             <!-- click on button this method -->
             <button>Click Here!</button>

    Before clicking on the “Click Here” button-

    After clicking on the “Click Here” button-

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