JavaScript | typedArray.set() with Example

The typedArray.set() is an inbuilt function in JavaScript which is used to stores a number of values in the given typedArray.

typedArray.set(typedArray, offset)

Parameters: It accept two parameters which are specified below-

  • typedarray: It is the source array.
  • offset: It is optional and it is into the typedArray at which to begin setting the values. Its default values is zero (0).
  • Return value: It returns the new formed typedArray.
    JavaScript code to show the working of this function:

      // Creating some buffers with sizes in bytes
      const buf1 = new ArrayBuffer(8);
      const buf2 = new ArrayBuffer(12);
      const buf3 = new ArrayBuffer(16);
      // Creating some typedArray
      const A = new Uint8Array(buf1);
      const B = new Uint8Array(buf2);
      const C = new Uint8Array(buf3);
      // Coping the values into the array
      // starting at index 3, 4, 5
      A.set([ 1, 2, 3, 4 ], 3);
      B.set([ 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 ], 4);
      C.set([ 1, 2 ], 5);
      // Priniting modified values
      document.write(A +"<br>");
      document.write(B +"<br>");



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