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The top left corner of the screen is (0, 0) i,e, X and Y coordinate is (0, 0). This means that vertical zero is topmost point and horizontal zero is the leftmost point.
So, the task is to find the coordinates of the mouse over the screen.

It can be find using the clientX and clientY property:

  • ClientX: It gives the horizontal coordinate of the event.
  • ClientY: It gives the vertical coordiante of the mouse.


For X coordinate: event.ClientX
For Y coordiante: event.ClientY

Below is the required implementation:

     // coordinate function that calculate the X
     // coordinate and Y coordinates
     function coordinate(event) {
     // clientX gives horizontal coordinate
     var x = event.clientX;
     // clientY gives vertical coordinates
     var y = event.clientY;
     document.getElementById("X").value = x;
     document.getElementById("Y").value = y;
<!-- onmousemove event is called when the mouse
     pointer is moving over the screen -->
<!-- calling of coordinate function -->
<body onmousemove="coordinate(event)">
   <!-- X coordinate is stored in X-coordinate variable -->
   <input type="text" id="X">
   <!-- Y coordinate is stored in Y-coordinate variable -->
   <input type="text" id="Y">


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