Is main method compulsory in Java?

The answer to this question depends on version of java you are using. Prior to JDK 5, main method was not mandatory in a java program.

  • You could write your full code under static block and it ran normally.
    However, From JDK6 main method is mandatory. If your program doesn’t contain main method, then you will get a run-time error “main method not found in the class”. Note that your program will successfully compile in this case, but at run-time, it will throw error.

    // This program will successfully run
    // prior to JDK 5
    public class Test 
        // static block
            System.out.println("program is running without main() method");


  • If run prior to JDK 5
    program is running without main() method
  • If run on JDK 6,7,8
    Error: Main method not found in class Test, please define the main method as:
       public static void main(String[] args)
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