HTML | <colgroup> Tag

This tag is used to specify the group of one or more columns in a table for formatting. It is useful for applying styles to entire columns, instead of repeating the styles for each column, and for each row. Use the <col> tag within the <colgroup> tag to define different properties to a column within a <colgroup>.

Note: Most of the attributes in HTML 4.01 <colgroup> are not supported in HTML5.


<colgroup> Column lists... </colgroup>


  • align: It is used to align the text or content in the group of column. The value of align property are left, right, center, justify, char.
  • char: It is used to align the character in a column group and the value of this attributes are character.
  • charoff: It is used to sets the number of characters that will be aligned from the character specified by the char attribute. The value of this attributes are in numeric form.
  • span: It is used to specify the number of columns that have colgroup tag. The values are in numeric form.
  • valign: It specifies the vertical align of content in a colgroup. It’s values are top, middle, bottom, baseline.
  • width: It defines the width of a column group. It’s values are pixels, %, relative_length.

Note: Most of the attributes are not supported by <colgroup> tag in HTML5.


<!DOCTYPE html>
            table, th, td {
                border: 1px solid black;
            h2, h3 {
            <h3><colgroup> tag</h3>
                    <col span="2" style="background-color:green;color:white">
                    <col style="background-color:tomato">
                    <td>Manas Chhabra</td>
                    <td>Mukul Gupta</td>
                    <td>B tect</td>



Supported Browsers: The <colgroup> tag supports all the browsers.

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