Can we access private data members of a class without using a member or a friend function?

The idea of Encapsulation is to bundle data and methods (that work on the data) together and restrict access of private data members outside the class. In C++, a friend function or friend class can also access private data members.

Is it possible to access private members outside a class without friend?
Yes, it is possible using pointers. See the following program as an example.

using namespace std;
class Test
    int data;
    Test() { data = 0; }
    int getData() { return data; }
int main()
    Test t;
    int* ptr = (int*)&t;
    *ptr = 10;
    cout << t.getData();
    return 0;



Note that the above way of accessing private data members is not at all a recommended way of accessing members and should never be used. Also, it doesn’t mean that the encapsulation doesn’t work in C++. The idea of making private members is to avoid accidental changes. The above change to data is not accidental. It’s an intentionally written code to fool the compiler.

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