fsetpos() (Set File Position) in C

The fsetpos() function moves the file position indicator to the location specified by the object pointed to by position. When fsetpos() is executed ,the end-of-file indecator is reset.


int fsetpos(FILE *stream, const fpos_t *position)

Parameters –

  • stream – This is the pointer to a FILE object that identifies the stream.
  • position – This is the pointer to a fpos_t object containing a position previously obtained with fgetpos.

Return – If it successful, it return zero otherwise returns nonzero value.

// c code to demonstrate fsetpos() function.
#include <stdio.h>
int main () {
   FILE *fp;
   fpos_t position;
   /*write your own file name.
    My file name is "myfile.txt"*/
   fp = fopen("myfile.txt","w+");
   fgetpos(fp, &position);
   fputs("HelloWorld!", fp);
   fsetpos(fp, &position);
   // previous function is override
   fputs("geeksforgeeks", fp);

Output –


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