Java vs C#

C# is a general-purpose, modern and object-oriented programming language pronounced as “C sharp”. It was developed by Microsoft led by Anders Hejlsberg and his team.

Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented etc. Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine (JVM) regardless of computer architecture.

Below are some major differences between C# and Java:

Feature C# Java
Operator Overloading C# supports operator overloading for multiple operators. Java does not support operator overloading.
Runtime Environment C# supports CLR(Common Language Runtime). Java supports JVM(Java Virtual Machine).
API Control C# API are completely controlled by Microsoft. Java API are controlled by open community process.
Public Classes In C#, there can be many public classes inside a source code. In Java there can be only one public class inside a source code otherwise there will be compilation error.
Checked Exceptions C# does not supports for checked exception. In some cases checked exceptions are very useful for smooth execution of program. Java supports both checked and unchecked exceptions.
Platform Dependency C# code is windows specific. Although Microsoft is working to make it global but till now the major system does not provide support for C#. Java is a robust and platform independent language. Platform independency of Java is through JVM.
Pointers In C# pointers can be used only in unsafe mode. Java does not supports anyway use of pointers.
Conditional Compilation C# supports for conditional compilation. Java does not supports for conditional compilation.
goto statement C# supports for goto statement. Java does not supports for goto statement. Use of goto statement will cause error in Java code.
Structure and Union C# supports structures and unions. Java doesn’t support structures and unions.
Floating Point C# does not supports strictfp keyword that means it result of floating point numbers may not be guaranteed to be same across all platforms. Java supports strictfp keyword that means its result for floating point numbers will be same for various platform.

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