Hash Functions in System Security

Hash Function is a function which has a huge role in making a System Secure as it converts normal data given to it as an irregular value of fixed length. We can imagine it to be a Shaker in our homes.
When we put data into this function it outputs an irregular value. The Irregular value it outputs is known as “Hash Value”.Hash Values are simply number but are often written in Hexadecimal. Computers manage values as Binary. Hash value is also a data and are often managed in Binary.
Hash function is basically performing some calculations in the computer.Data values that are its output is of fixed length. Length always varies according to the hash function. Value doesn’t vary even if there is a large or small value.

If given same input, two hash functions will invariable produce the same output.Even if input data entered differs by a single bit, huge change in their output values.Even if input data entered differs huge, there is a very very minimal chance that the hash values produced will be identical. If they are equal it is known as “Hash Collision”.

Converting Hash Codes to its original value is impossible task to perform.This is Main difference between Encryption as Hash Function.


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